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Discover How the Experts Teach Their Horses to Jump Successfully and with Perfection!

You no longer need to worry about your horse rushing their jumps, missing their stride, losing their balance or the reaction your horse may have to multiple jumps in the show ring!

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Gymnastics For Horses- A Horse Exercise Course

Now you can teach your horse to jump using similar methods that the best clinicians and trainers in the industry use.

Worried about whether your horse has what it takes to win in competition? Well, all horses have the potential to win and this course will show you how to take any horse from the stable to the winners circle.

Is your horses stiff and having trouble bending? Gymnastics for Horses is designed to help your horse become more flexable and balanced.

Gymnastics for Horses covers all levels of ability and walks you through each lesson just as a professional trainer would, without the thousands of dollars price tag at the end.

No matter what your riding style-trail riding, competitive riding, English pleasure riding, fox hunting or AQHA show jumping–you can use Gymnastics for Horses to improve your riding skills and your horses ability.

The truth is, all horses have the ability to do amazing things at home and in the show ring. It’s up the trainer and owner to bring it out of them. The problem is there isn’t enough quality information freely available on the Internet to improve your horses training.

So many people naturally turn to trainers to get quality performances from their horses. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Gymnastics for Horses was designed by training experts with many first places finishes in highly competitive competitions.

Gymnastics for Horses teaches you 24 DIFFERENT GYMNASTICS EXERCISES for your horse; one course every two weeks. The best trainers and clinicians in the industry teach horse gymnastics exercises–and now you can learn similar exercises for a fraction of the cost.

How Does It Work?

Each exciting lesson features an exercise that builds on the one before it so you don’t have to worry about missing a critical lesson. This leads to a solid foundation in the basics as you learn to jump! This training features 24 multimedia lessons to teach you the secrets of the professionals.

Gymnastics is a series of jumps set up so that the horse will go through all the jumps once he starts the first one. This frees you from needing to guide and turn the horse, so that you can concentrate on your position.

The approach of horse gymnastics is what trainers use to train champion horses!

Gymnastics for Horses is a comprehensive program that every rider can teach their horse to jump and work on balance at their own hobby farm or stable. You will not need a trainer, this product contains everything you need including video of the lesson along with a complete description of how to implement the lesson.

Our unique multimedia approach to each lesson equips you with everything you need to master a particular exercise…

To clearly explain the exercise, each lesson includes:

  • A written lesson guide, clearly explaining the exercise
  • A professionally shot video lesson showing you exactly what the exercise looks like
  • A diagram showing you how to set up your course for the exercise

In order to understand what it takes to have your horse making perfect jumps, you can hire a professional trainer…

Or you can spend a fraction of the price for a year long training course with Gymnastics for Horses.

When you look around for horse trainers, you will almost always get a quote of between $3500 and $6000. If you want world-class trainers, you are looking at a five figure bill.

But if you act now, you can get that same world-class training in an easy to understand course. The written and video lessons are gathered, edited and perfected just for you. All lessons are delivered to your email inbox, one every two weeks, with the first one starting as soon as your order is complete, so you can start immediately!

Whether you are a beginner or you’ve been riding for years, this course ensures you will get the best out of your horse.

Get Gymnastics for Horses for only $2000!

This course is easily worth well over $2000 but I realize that this will price some of the horse lovers out of getting quality training for their horses. So I’ve slashed the price to $997! That’s a fourth of what you would pay to get the same training from a professional trainer!


If you are reading this page, then an incredible offer still stands. It’s more of a partnership between you and I, than a simple price reduction. If you agree to send me your success stories and allow me to use them on my site, you are eligible to receive Gymnastics for Horses for $79.95!

That’s right! You can get world class training for under a hundred dollars! I only ask that you send me an e-mail at cathy@gymnasticsforhorses.com and tell me how well your horse is doing. That’s it! No other fees apply!

Order Now And Get The Perfect Jump Personal Guarantee!!

I am so sure your horse is going to surpass your expectations that I am offering a complete, no questions asked 90 Day money back guarantee. Go ahead and try it risk free for 90 days. Try it for a month or three. It doesn’t matter. You can rest easy knowing that for any reason, you can get your money back at any time during the training!

So there is no reason to delay. Get this course today for only $97 and do it risk free. I should note that you have to order now from this page to get this amazing offer.

And after you order, you’ll receive an additional introductory video! I haven’t stopped with just the training. I want to make sure you have everything it takes to have an incredible horse that doesn’t miss a jump!

So act now, risk free! You will not regret it!

Don’t delay. Get your first lesson sent to you right now! You do not have to wait to make your horse into a great riding companion or even a companion.